Quality Packing Supplies in Victoria 


Whether you are looking for storage space while you move or you need somewhere to keep your seasonal items in the winter, self-storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe. But it’s important to properly pack your items so that you can store them efficiently and get the most out of the space you’ve rented.

For your convenience, Millstream Self Storage sells packing supplies at our Victoria storage facility. We have everything from boxes and bubble wrap to tape dispensers and carton cutters to help get your belongings ready for storage. We also sell locks to keep your contents secure.


Why You Need Packing Supplies for Self-Storage


Not all belongings are evenly shaped. Most furniture is too big to fit inside your standard box and breakable items will need to be carefully packed away. That’s why our packing supplies for Greater Victoria and Langford residents are so important when planning for self-storage. You can use durable covers to prevent moisture and bugs from getting on your furniture or mattresses. For oddly shaped items, placing them in packing boxes makes them easier to carry and store.


 In fact, by packing what you can in boxes, you will be able to better arrange and stack your belongings in your storage unit, allowing you to get the most out of the space. Lastly, using bubble wrap, guard kits, and other protective packing materials can keep your fragile and valuable items safe from breakage.


Common Packing Supplies for Your Victoria Self-Storage


Boxes – Packing boxes come in all different sizes allowing you to pack both small and large items. Many packing boxes are also made with reinforced corners for durability and easy stacking without cave-ins.


• Bubble wrap – If you have glass figurines, mirrors, pictures, China, or anything else breakable, bubble wrap, along with various other protection materials, can keep your belongings safe. 


• Tape – You can’t pack up boxes without tape! Common packing tape now comes in convenient handheld dispensers, making it easier for you to tape up your boxes quickly. 


• Carton cutters – Make it easy to open up boxes with a carton cutter. Carton cutters come with a segmented blade that can cut through materials like tape, cardboard, paper string, zip ties, and more.


• Moving labels – Labels can help you mark which boxes hold what items. This is important if you have fragile items that will need to be handled with care while moving and storing them.


• Furniture covers – Not everything will fit into a box. For types of furniture like couches, tables, and chairs, covers can keep them protected while they’re being stored.


Get Your Packing Supplies from Millstream Self Storage

Find all you need to properly store your belongings with Millstream Self Storage’s packing supplies. Colwood, Langford, and Victoria residents can look to our experts in storing and moving for advice on how best to pack. We can show you what box sizes work best for your belongings, demonstrate the correct way to pack fragile items, and estimate the amount of packing supplies and space you will need to store your belongings. Not sure how best to fit your things into the storage unit you’re using? We can offer tips.


Contact Millstream Self Storage today to learn more about our packing supplies in Victoria or visit us in Victoria.

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